What can be done to protect my home from carbon monoxide?

Stopping it from happening is the most critical place to start. Completing correct safety precautions will lower your chances of carbon monoxide poisoning in Dayton.

Here are a couple steps you can take to protect your family:

  • Heat up your car away from your garage. Cars are a significant source of carbon monoxide poisoning, so never leave yours running in the restricted space of a garage. The same goes for gas equipment like lawn mowers or snowmobiles.
  • Don’t use ovens or grills as heaters. These things are safe when used right but can make carbon monoxide when used for an extended period of time in small spaces.
  • Don’t operate a gas generator indoors, since it produces fumes.
  • Have your chimney inspected by a pro. This ensures chimneys and vents aren’t blocked and connected correctly.
  • Check gas appliances are working correctly, particularly your heating system. You can ensure efficient, safe comfort by requesting regular furnace maintenance with Stevenson Service Experts.
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