When substituting the outdoor system, should the indoor unit also be replaced?

Our response is, it’s a smart method. Here's why.

Matched design—Your furnace. This can help improve energy efficiency and performance.

Technology upgrades—There have been a lot of recent increases in HVAC technology, especially in energy efficiency, air filtration and quiet operation. You’ll get these benefits all year when you update the whole system.

Higher heating and cooling efficiency—Efficiency ratings are calculated on matched equipment performance. While installing one new unit will improve performance, efficiency will be decreased from what it was designed to be. And your savings will not be as much as they’d be with matching units.

Equipment age—If your cooling system is 10 years old (or older), your furnace is likely just as outdated. Changing both means you’ll enjoy many years of efficient comfort, whatever the weather.

Updated warranty—A new set of equipment also means you’ll have updated equipment warranties. You’ll receive peace of mind when you know the warranty protects your complete system for the same period of time.

At first glance, getting only a new cooling system or heating system could appear to be a good decision. But it’s not a very good choice when you factor in reduced efficiency.

Getting an entirely new system may be more expensive, but you get much higher efficiency, reliability and comfort for long into the future in Dayton.

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